Equipment on the KAMAZ chassis is widely used by Turkmen farmers during the grain harvest season
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A grain harvesting campaign began in Turkmenistan on June 3. The agrarians of Ahal, Lebap and Mary velayats were the first to start work. Harvesting is the result of the hard work of farmers. And in their difficult business, one cannot do without modern technology.

The KAMAZ vehicles produced in the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation serve as a great help for Turkmen peasants in organizing the harvest and transportation of grain crops.

They are widely used in cargo transportation and industrial construction enterprises. These giants are equipped with a dump or onboard platform of increased volume and come in both single versions and as part of road train.

For instance, a tipper platform of cars can carry out unloading on two or three sides.

The road train is equipped with a metal platform that unloads in both directions, and has folding sideboards with upper and lower hinges. When the platform is raised, the lower part of the board is opened automatically by 90 degrees, and the closing is done hydraulically after the platform is lowered.

The grain carrier is equipped with removable extension boards and an awning frame. For the transportation of grain crops, rubber seals are installed on the sides.

One of the modern technical achievements is the self-unloading of the trailer of this car, which can deliver a load weighing 14,5 tons to its destination, and its trailer – 10 tons.

Let us note that the use of vehicles with a trailer permits, in the presence of one driver, to save both time and fuel. In this case, labor productivity increases. During the grain-harvesting season or in the transportation of other goods, the use of such transport and its trailers is very economically advantageous.

Let us remind that in Turkmenistan a branch of “KAMAZ FTC Corp. LLP” represents the Russian company.

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