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American electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors has unveiled a new version of its Air sedan called the Sapphire. According to the designers, this is the world's first and most powerful luxury supersport electric sedan. According to the designers, this is the world's first and most powerful luxury supersport electric sedan. The Air Sapphire power plant consists of three electric motors and produces 1200 hp. Acceleration time from standstill to 60 mph (96.6 km/h) is less than 2 seconds, and to 100 mph (161 km/h) in less than 4 seconds. According to, one of the technical features of the Air Sapphire is the ability to transmit torque to the rear wheels in opposite directions to ensure stability in corners or on straight lines.

The novelty is also equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes, an aerodynamic package, new sports seats and a suspension tuned for the race track.It is expected that the mass production of the model will begin in early 2023, and the price of the new version of the Lucid Air sedan will be at least $249,000.

The range of professional car chemicals LAVR was replenished with an ultraviolet additive in the coolant to search for hidden leaks in the cooling system.

The new product helps detect leaks in radiators, the expansion tank, the pump, as well as in hoses and pipes that are not visually accessible.

The leak indicator is compatible with all types of coolant and is completely safe for any cooling system.

The agent can be in the system indefinitely and even used as an additive in antifreeze to detect leaks in the future.

The 310 ml package is designed for a cooling system with a capacity of up to 10 liters.

Suddenly, the fashion for fastbacks began in the global auto industry (these are sedans with a sloping rear, reminiscent of hatchbacks, but there is no lifting fifth door). This week, Hyundai introduced the  Ioniq 6 electric car in such a body , and Volkswagen showed a similar  ID. Aero . So Citroen also created a four-door with a dropdown roof, but at the same time endowed it with an off-road image. In terms of class and form, the novelty from Citroen is closer to Renault Arkana.

A black plastic body kit and muscular lines make this model look like a real crossover, but off-road ambitions are only a semblance here. The ground clearance is only 156 mm, and all-wheel drive is not provided.


The novelty is based on the same CMP (EMP1) platform as the  new generation Citroen C4 hatchback , which was supposed to enter the Russian market in 2022. And the Peugeot 408 has an EMP2 platform, like the older  Citroen C5 .

Dimensions Citroen C4 X - 4600 x 1800 x 1525 mm, wheelbase - 2670 mm.

Sedans are usually considered less practical than hatchbacks, but here the trunk volume is much larger than that of the related five-door C4 - 510 versus 380 liters. Affects a longer rear overhang.

The interior is designed in the same way as the hatchback, except that the MyCitroen Drive Plus multimedia system appeared here, which had previously been installed only on the older C5 X cross-liftback.

Another difference from the five-door is that the back of the rear sofa has a greater slope.

The range of engines includes 1.2 petrol turbo engines with a capacity of 102 and 131 hp, as well as a 1.5 turbodiesel producing 131 hp. An alternative to them is an electric power plant that develops 136 hp.

It is worth noting that versions with traditional engines are intended for Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and only an electric car will be sold in Western Europe. This modification is called e-C4 X.

She has a traction battery with a capacity of 50 kWh. The charge is enough for 360 km of the WLTP cycle.

Production of the Citroen C4 X will begin in the fall at a plant in Spain.

LAVR is a Russian family brand that specializes in the production of auto chemical goods and auto cosmetics and rightfully occupies a leading position in the markets of Russia and foreign countries.

By choosing LAVR products, you get effective and technological preparations for quick and affordable prevention and repair of the main vehicle systems, caring for its interior and exterior. We help to get real emotions from driving.

Benefits of using LAVR preparations

• Repair of major systems on site and self-extending the life of the vehicle.

• More than 250 technological compositions from European quality raw materials.

• The effectiveness of drugs in any climate from the subtropics to the Arctic

• Reasonable price in comparison with world brands.

history of the company

The history of LAVR began in 1997. The founder of the brand was Alexander Lavrik, professor at South Ural State University.

LAVR companies are working on restyling and improving products - changing the packaging of drugs and preparing new products.

The German automaker Mercedes has unveiled the final version of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. The final version is equipped with a 1063 hp hybrid powertrain used in Formula 1 cars with a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine and four electric motors.

Как отмечает, гиперкар разгоняется до 100 км/ч за 2,9 секунды, а до 200 км/ч — за 7 секунд. При этом, благодаря гибридной системе, предотвращено чрезмерное потребление бензина и на 100 км расходуется всего 8,7 литра горючего. А исключительно на электроэнергии Mercedes-AMG One может проехать 18 км. Интерьер салона новинки, помимо обычных элементов, имеет цифровые приборы, информационно-развлекательный сенсорный экран и дисплей с камерой на замену обычному зеркалу заднего вида.

As the manufacturer promises, the first Mercedes-AMG One will be released in the second half of 2022. It is noteworthy that only 275 copies will be produced, and each of them has long been sold at a price of about 2.7 million dollars.


The Ýakyndar online store recommends that the people of Turkmenistan make a choice in favor of health and an active lifestyle and offers to purchase bicycles and electric scooters in installments for 7 months until August 31.

Buying an alternative mode of transport has a number of advantages: environmentally friendly, mobile, a great opportunity to combine physical activity and easily get to the desired point.

Ýakyndar presents models of various sizes, for different age groups. The purchase can be paid both in cash and by credit card, online payments are also accepted.

In addition to bicycles and scooters, Ýakyndar has a wide range of auto parts and related products - tires and tires, discs, brake pads, oil and air filters, as well as antifreeze, brake fluid and much more.

You can learn more about the assortment of the Ýakyndar store and the list of documents for installment by clicking on the link.


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