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LAVR is a Russian family brand that specializes in the production of auto chemical goods and auto cosmetics and rightfully occupies a leading position in the markets of Russia and foreign countries.

By choosing LAVR products, you get effective and technological preparations for quick and affordable prevention and repair of the main vehicle systems, caring for its interior and exterior. We help to get real emotions from driving.

Benefits of using LAVR preparations

• Repair of major systems on site and self-extending the life of the vehicle.

• More than 250 technological compositions from European quality raw materials.

• The effectiveness of drugs in any climate from the subtropics to the Arctic

• Reasonable price in comparison with world brands.

history of the company

The history of LAVR began in 1997. The founder of the brand was Alexander Lavrik, professor at South Ural State University.

LAVR companies are working on restyling and improving products - changing the packaging of drugs and preparing new products.