Nissan has released a car with triangular rims
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On the eve of the Japan Mobility Show, Japanese automaker Nissan has released information about the Hyper Punk concept electric crossover, Gazeta.Ru reports.

The car received an angular body and original wheels with triangular-section discs. The model continues the series of Nissan Hyper concepts.
The Hyper Punk body consists of multi-faceted and polygonal surfaces covered in silver paint. It changes color depending on the viewing angle and light source.


The interior of the car resembles a mobile creative studio. Car cameras can capture the landscape and use artificial intelligence to turn it into graphic patterns or manga-style images.
Hyper Punk Salon was originally designed as a mobile creative studio with uninterrupted Internet access. Biosensors in the headrests determine the driver's mood. Nissan says the concept can adjust music and lighting to boost driver energy and creativity.