Turkmenistan and IRU Working on Projects to Simplify Cross-Border Procedures
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Turkmenistan and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) are working on projects to improve transit and simplify cross-border procedures, Trend News Agency reported on Monday with reference to IRU’s Director of TIR and Transit Services Tatiana Rey-Bellet.

IRU representative stated that, in addition to the projects, the parties are actively discussing ideas for developing Turkmenistan's customs sphere.

"In Turkmenistan, the TIR-EPD application was launched in September 2022, allowing TIR operators to send electronic pre-declarations (EPD) to customs authorities of different countries while using simplified border procedures," Tatiana Rey-Bellet said.

Tatiana Rey-Bellet added that the launch of the application is a very important step that allowed Turkmenistan to join other projects related to the digitalization of the TIR in the region.

"At the same time, TIR-EPD will help Turkmenistan prepare for connection to the eTIR international customs digital system. We also cooperated with the customs and other state bodies of Turkmenistan in the field of the introduction of "green stripes", which provide the advantages of priority customs clearance," the director of the organization's department said.

At the beginning of this year, the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan has established the Green Corridors for vehicles performing international transport of goods under cover of TIR Carnets.