Antifreeze VITEX O.E.M. for Toyota Lexus-40 5kg 0989
166.00 TMT

VITEX O.E.M. for Toyota Lexus -40 - high-tech modern lobrid antifreeze. Designed for use in engine cooling systems of cars, trucks and special equipment made in Japan. Recommended for Toyota and Lexus cars. The additive package consists of an organic base with mineral corrosion inhibitors; antifreeze belongs to the phosphate-carboxylate class. It has an extended service life of up to 10 years or 500,000 km. Provides excellent protection against cavitation and prevents the formation of sediment in the system. Guarantees optimal protection of aluminum in high temperature conditions. Compatible with materials of gaskets, hoses, and plastic parts.The temperature at which crystallization begins is minus 40°C.

Catalog: Antifreeze
Brand: VITEX
Made in Russia