Fanfaro synthetic engine oil FF SN for Hyundai 5W-30 (4L) (metal)
302.80 TMT

Fanfaro SN for Hyundai 5W-30 oil, developed specifically for cars manufactured by KIA and Hyundai. Suitable for most gasoline-free passenger car engines, including those equipped with a turbocharger or a CVVT system (variable valve timing) that operate in various climatic conditions. Due to the fact that FanFaro for Hyundai 5W-30 oil is produced taking into account the design features of the engine and engineering solutions, it has a perfectly balanced viscosity, which it retains in any temperature regime and ensures stable operation at any time of the year in any climatic zones. It freely pumps through the system even in the coldest winter and guarantees easy starting of the engine with minimal starting wear. It is produced on the basis of high-quality synthetic components supplemented with active additives, including extreme pressure, anti-corrosion, viscosity modifiers and others.

Catalog: Motor oils
Brand: Fanfaro
SAE viscosity grade 5W-30
Type Synthetic
Vehicle type Passenger car