Multi Function Anti-Rost 9899 parts cleaner 0,45L. M-40
45.60 TMT
Aerosol lubricant designed to release rusted or stuck mechanisms and threaded connections. Proprietary combination of active, fast penetrating solvents and special oils allows not only to free the parts, but also to keep them in working order. Treatment with MANNOL Multi Anti-Rost 9899 450ml before assembly guarantees easy disassembly of threaded connections. It is a universal product and finds many applications in the car - wheel bolts and nuts, seat guides, sunroofs, power window mechanisms; and in everyday life - door locks, awnings, window fittings, as well as any other rusty mechanisms. Provides treated surfaces with anti-corrosion properties, preventing rust damage.
Catalog: Engine and unit cleaners
Brand: Mannol