Fuel additive MN 9950 Benzin Ester Additive (metal) (0,5L)
59.20 TMT
A multi-purpose gasoline additive capable of effectively cleaning the fuel system, and also improves fuel properties, helps to achieve maximum engine power and performance, protects its elements from wear and rust damage. It contains special components that remove impurities from the entire system, including the injector, thereby restoring normal fuel circulation, guaranteeing the formation of an optimal air-fuel mixture and normalizing engine operation at idle and during acceleration. Universally suitable for all types of engines, including those equipped with turbochargers and using biofuels. Mannol Benzin Ester Additive metal 9950 500 ml is able to mix with fuel until homogeneous on its own and is added directly to the tank before refueling at the rate of 50 ml per 50 liters of fuel.
Catalog: Others
Brand: Mannol
Made in Germany