LAVR Раскоксовывание двигателя ML-202 (для двигателей более 2-х литров), 330 мл
Article: 2504
154.00 TMT

Decoking of the ML202 engine is a classic liquid formula for decoking the cylinder-piston group. The composition is suitable for cleaning all types of gasoline and diesel engines that are newly or recently diagnosed with coking symptoms. It has a high penetrating ability and a gentle effect: after using this decarbonization, the engine can be operated at higher speeds. Effectively eliminates problems such as average excessive oil consumption, decreased power, deterioration in dynamics and throttle response, increased fuel consumption, and compression differences in the cylinders. The product is recommended for use during regular use in city traffic conditions.The exposure time varies depending on the degree of engine contamination up to 12 hours without the risk of damaging rubber seals, oil pan paint and cylinder anti-friction coatings.

Catalog: Engine and unit cleaners
Brand: LAVR
Made in Russia